February 15, 2019 – EAGL Technology LLC provides Emergency Automatic Gunshot Lockdown (EAGL) System and CityWeb. The Technology is a detection system designed to identify, differentiate, and report gunshot information and is coupled with systems to execute a preprogrammed, customer-chosen set of response options with the objective of reducing casualties by improving response time of first responders. The Technology also includes site surveys, installation and integration services, training to third parties for integration, training for users, and resolution of warranty issues. This Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation will expire on March 31, 2022.

PRESS REALEASE: April 8, 2019

UNM-Valencia Campus installs new gunshot detection system throughout campus.

LOS LUNAS, N.M. (KRQE) – As we see mass shootings continuing around the world, a new system at the University of New Mexico-Valencia Campus could provide a quicker police response to emergencies like shootings. The form of technology is new to college campuses in the area and is aimed at increasing student safety in case of an active shooter.

The new gunshot detection system is catching on at different schools and public venues. Some of this technology was developed in Albuquerque and the engineers behind it hope to make a difference in public safety.

As school shootings become more mainstream, law enforcement at UNM-Valencia Campus is trying to prevent them through new technology.



PRESS RELEASE: April 4, 2018

EAGL Technology LLC announces that its FireFly Ballistic Detector System has completed preliminary operational test and evaluation by National Safe Skies Alliance, Inc. (Safe Skies).

Safe Skies’ evaluation report, which is entitled Preliminary Testing Report: EAGL Technology LLC Firefly Ballistic Detector and was issued in March 2018, is available for distribution to qualified airport personnel at US commercial-service airports and to government contacts.

Safe Skies, an independent third-party non-profit organization that is funded by the Federal Aviation Administration, conducts rigorous and thorough tests to detect threats, nuisance & false alarms, reliability, and maintainability within active airport operational and environmental conditions.  Safe Skies performs its evaluations under an ISO 9001:2015-approved Quality Management System.