EAGL Technology System Overview

The EAGL System reacts during an active shooter event (Indoor or Outdoor) by capturing energy levels with acoustic characteristics and performing on-board sensor waveform analysis. The analysis results determine whether or not further captured event signal examination is needed and what other system actions to initiate.


EAGL’s patented FireFly® and DragonFly™ sensors capture the energy levels of the gunshot event through waveform analysis. If this first step of validation is positive, then waveform data is sent to the EAGL server for further algorithmic analysis.


Detection events validated as threats by the sensors are analyzed further on the EAGL server for a second step of validation. Positive results are classified as a gunshot and the server enters the alarm state and Adaptive Response is initiated.


Upon alarm, the EAGL server launches a series of response actions that can include:
* 911 Dispatch notification
* Email / Text notifications
* Phone calls with pre-recorded messages
* Locking access controlled doors
* Presenting associated live camera streams
* Initiating relay actions
* API software alerts to 3rd-party systems
* PA system broadcasts

Adaptive Response – The Response YOU Require

The Adaptive Response architecture ensures that the maximum response benefits of an automated gunshot detection system are achieved. Configure groups of sensors, or even individual sensors, to respond specifically to your security plan requirements.


The EAGL Technology Gunshot Detection System was founded on this simple question: “Why is gunshot detection not locking doors to prevent further ingress of the shooter?” Gunshot Detection should be a part of a site’s holistic security plan and able to interact with key systems accordingly. Integration is in EAGL’s DNA and achieved through an open RESTful API and analog relay inputs/outputs. Take advantage of your existing security applications by integrating a gunshot detection layer into your security plan.

Learn how the EAGL Gunshot Detection System can benefit your security plan and save lives! Speak with a Technology Consultant and attend a live virtual demonstration of the system.