As a Service

EAGL Technology, Inc. recognizes a need to offer economical security protection capability for small businesses and venues having small public areas or limited security budgets. This recognition produced the promotion portrayed on the right. Although the cost may be less than systems installed in larger facilities, the same level of protection is provided 365 days / year!

The heart of the EAGL System, are the indoor and outdoor sensors. Both sensor varieties are self-contained & designed specifically for their deployment operating environment. Each sensor communicates wirelessly yet securely to a system gateway. This feature allows flexible economy for sensor deployment planning AND installation. The only network or wired connection needed is between the gateway(s) and the EAGL Server. The gateway, a stateless device, operates as a dedicated secure interface between sensors and server.

The EAGL Sensors are all self-contained wireless devices which communicate via secure transmission to / from the EAGL Gateway. The Gateway is the only component requiring a network wired connection allowing communication with the EAGL Server.