EAGL cityWeb

The EAGL CityWeb gunshot detector is a cutting-edge wireless detector that determines threat or non-threat status of an acoustic event based on analysis of the energy level underlying the event. If the acoustical event is determined to be a threat (gunshot), the detector will activate a double-throw relay for 2 seconds. By integrating the CityWeb detector with a third-party solution, such as an alarm panel, gunshot detection can become another zone of coverage on that solution’s platform.

EAGL’s gunshot detectors can be programmed into privately owned burglar alarm systems to autonomously monitor for firearm discharges, delivering 24/7 real-time gunshot reporting to Local Law Enforcement. The CityWeb concept is based on a public/private partnership, in which Local Law Enforcement and private companies collaborate to champion public safety in their neighborhoods.


Compact, wireless, self-contained, battery operated gunshot sensor executing threat versus non-threat validation determinations using device onboard energy level & waveform analysis algorithms.Sensor is typically mounted to horizontal ceiling substrates providing a spherical detection coverage area of ~31,415 FT2.Sensor can be attached to vertical columns although this mounting method potentially can present decreased sensor coverage area.

Sensor provides capability for existing fire panel integration by providing direct circuit connection to the sensor internal relay contacts so that analog signal(s), which represent a validated gunshot detection event, are routed to the panel.