EAGL Server

The EAGL Server not only controls system operation but also allows integration with many third-party devices and systems to provide a complete services umbrella for single or multiple site security!  These services include but are not limited to: Access Control, Wide Area Warning, and Notifications.  Best of all, the EAGL Server uses Linux OS and is capable of working with RESTful API architectures.

FIreFly® Indoor Sensor

The FireFly® Indoor Energy Sensor is wireless and designed to work in Indoor environments.  Installation basically entails attaching each sensor using only two fasteners.  Sensor placement determines detection area coverage – unobstructed spherical range can be as much as 31,415FT2

DragoFly™ Outdoor Sensor

The DragonFly™ Outdoor Energy Sensor is a wireless sensor designed specifically for Outdoor environments.  The sensor is encapsulated within a proprietary, engineered housing allowing increased spherical detection range.  Sensor placement determines detection area coverage – unobstructed range can be as much as 70,685FT2..  Application determines sensor communication options – LoRa or IoT.

EAGL Gateway

All EAGL sensors communicate wirelessly to the EAGL Server via a Gateway.  Communication to the EAGL Server is by ethernet connectivity.  The Gateway is the only system device requiring wired connection to EAGL Server or network allowing easy and cost-effective installation.  Gateway variety is dependent upon application.  Options currently available include LoRa and LTE radio

Panic Station

The EAGL System Panic Station allows human intervention and when the station is operated, a signal representing a threat is sent to the EAGL Server.  The preprogrammed Adaptive Response associated with the Panic Station is initiated.

BlueFly Sensor

The BlueFly is an accurate, body-worn gunshot detection sensor also uses EAGL’s patented sensor technology.  The sensor has the ability of not only providing gunshot detection but also can provide “man-down” information to the EAGL System.