Internet of Things


Providing outdoor or remote area protection using a Gunshot Detection System (GDS) when supporting infrastructure (power or local network) is NOT available in the deployment area.

Solution Summary

EAGL Technology, Inc. offers the ONLY outdoorwireless IoT sensor in today’s GDS market that is designed exclusively to meet this challenge – the DragonFly™ IoT Sensor

Audience Focus

Ideal Customers: All business and markets having an outdoor security or coverage need

Key Influencers: Facility and Security Managers, Architects, Security Engineers, Planners and Construction Developers

Customer Pain Points

• Power, connectivity, and integration     restrictions
• Complex and costly installation & maintenance
• Cybersecurity risks and vulnerability
• Lack of scalability

Bottom-Line Benefits

• Provide reliable area protection using IoT functionality without external or connectivity restrictions
• Reduce installation and maintenance costs using self-contained, wireless design
• Reduce cybersecurity risks using several encryption methods
• Promote scalability for changing protection needs

Strategic Features

Rapid Intelligent Communication Uses on-board hardware and firmware designed to perform threat detection with analysis and wirelessly transmits encrypted threat information using cellular technology. This functionality is proven to be both accurate and reliable but more importantly, RAPID.

Deployment FlexibilityThe DragonFly™ IoT Sensor can be mounted to various surfaces using variety of mounts specifically designed to match each application. When this attribute is combined with the wireless device aspect, deployment restrictions are drastically minimized.

Automatic and Autonomous Operation The DragonFly™ is designed to work with the EAGL System. Each sensor is self-sufficient and capable of independently reporting threat events and performing supervisory functions such as monitoring device health and tamper conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much detection area can the DragonFly™IoT Sensor cover? Unobstructed spherical detection coverage area can be as large as ~70,685 FT2. Two sensors could potentially protect a geographic area equivalent to a regulation size football field with sensor coverage overlap.

How secure is the transmitted information? Transmitted information is encrypted using various security technologies and protocols.

How is each sensor deployed? Each sensor can be mounted to various substrates using a variety of mounts specifically designed to match each application. Where did the technology originate and what else can it support? The technology originated with the Department of Energy. EAGL Technology has advanced and improved the technology adapting it for multiple other applications for both indoor and outdoor use, flood, traffic accident, and even body worn applications.