Providing outdoor or remote area protection using a Gunshot Detection System (GDS) when supporting infrastructure (power or local network) is NOT available in the deployment area.

Solution Summary

EAGL Technology, Inc. offers the ONLY outdoor wireless IoT sensor in today’s GDS market that is designed exclusively to meet this challenge – the DragonFly™ IoT Sensor

Bottom-Line Benefits

• Provide reliable area protection using IoT functionality without external or connectivity restrictions
• Reduce installation and maintenance costs using self-contained, wireless design
• Reduce cybersecurity risks using several encryption methods
• Promote scalability for changing protection needs

Strategic Features

Rapid Intelligent Communication Uses on-board hardware and firmware designed to perform threat detection with analysis and wirelessly transmits encrypted threat information using cellular technology. This functionality is proven to be both accurate and reliable but more importantly, RAPID.

Deployment Flexibility The DragonFly™ IoT Sensor can be mounted to various surfaces using a variety of mounts specifically designed to match each application. When this attribute is combined with the wireless device aspect, deployment restrictions are drastically minimized.

Automatic and Autonomous Operation The DragonFly™ IoT is designed to work with the EAGL System. Each sensor is self-sufficient and capable of independently reporting threat events and performing supervisory functions such as monitoring device health and tamper conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much detection area can the DragonFly™ IoT Sensor cover? Unobstructed spherical detection coverage area can be as large as 70,685 sqft. Two sensors could potentially protect a geographic area equivalent to a regulation size football field with sensor coverage overlap.

How secure is the transmitted information? Transmitted information is encrypted using various security technologies and protocols.

How is each sensor deployed? Each sensor can be mounted to various substrates using a variety of mounts specifically designed to match each application.

Where did the technology originate and what else can it support? The technology originated with the Department of Energy. EAGL Technology has advanced and improved the technology adapting it for multiple other applications for both indoor and outdoor use, flood, traffic accident, and even body worn application

DragonFly™ and DragonFly™ IoT Sensors

Hot Spot Concepts

• The EAGL/DragonFly™ system is designed to operate in a defined area called a Hot Spot where there are frequent gunfire events
• The EAGL Hot Spot approach is a PIVOT program asset to address chronic & sustained gun violence areas
• Real time notifications, data analysis capability
• The Hot Spot area can be as small as one city block or as large as several city blocks
• DragonFly™ deployments are ~300’ apart to ensure full coverage
• The sensor needs to be mounted ~ 20’ – 25’ high
• Can be mounted on poles and buildings
• When gunfire events decline, sensors can be easily relocated to another Hot Spot
• The EAGL System can monitor multiple Hot Spot areas simultaneously
• A Hot Spot can have an unlimited amount of sensors
• Covering square miles is not the most cost effective method to detect gunfire events
• EAGL DragonFly™ provides accurate gunfire event detection within Hot Spot areas without false alarms by using advanced algorithms
• The DragonFly™ can differentiate between handgun vs. rifle vs. shotgun firearm types
• The EAGL System offers alarm notifications without call center involvement or monitoring fees
• All the gunfire event data is stored locally on EAGL Server allowing customer ownership

EAGL Technology, Inc. offers the only wireless and autonomous outdoor detection system!


Notifies security staff and law enforcement immediately of an active shooter event by delivering email event details through text and email message as well as live video stream.


Provides immediate facility lockdown capabilities within seconds of shots fired.

GPS Location

Specifies GPS location of the shooter with ballistic data of weapons type ballistic data.


Offers geo-fencing
capabilities allowing access control features to prevent
further ingress of the threat.