EAGL Technology is excited to announce BlueFly our body worn automatic gunshot and "Officer-Down" sensor

BlueFly a body worn sensor using patented technology designed specifically to detect gunshots near the wearer and monitor the wearer’s posture.  When gunshots are detected or an “Officer-Down” situation occurs, immediate and autonomous notifications are sent to the RTCC / EOC.  These notifications can consist of text, Email or voice calls to MDT, CAD and smart devices and are functions associated with EAGL’s “Adaptive Response” integration that includes real-time GPS location.  The sensor also has an Officer activated panic button.

• No need for docking stations • Powered using off the shelf batteries • Store it with your protective gear • No recharging

For years now our patented zero false alarm gunshot detection technology has helped to protect people both indoors and out. Now we can extend that same instant, accurate notification to those who “Protect and Serve”.

The new BlueFly gives notification to those who need it within seconds of detecting a gunshot fired either by the wearer or by an adversary firing up to 100 feet away! This notification is then sent out using EAGL’s proven Adaptive Response Technology.

What about “Man-Down”? The BlueFly monitors the wearer’s physical posture and will immediately and autonomously send notifications of a “Man-Down” whether from a fall, a take down, injury, or worse.

No need to reach for a radio the message is already sent and backup is on the way.

Smart? The BlueFly is so smart that it self-tests daily checking its electronics, communications, and battery life – and reports its findings back to the EAGL system which is constantly ready to report.