Adaptive Response

Adaptive response allows the user to configure the response per alarm trigger. The Adaptive Response module gives the user the option to configure the autonomous response per sensor or group of sensors and by doing so, apply the appropriate countermeasure response to minimize the active shooter effect.

Using this model, the EAGL server can control and manage multiple buildings with a single server, either cloud based or proxy based. Inputs include: FireFly®, DragonFly™, Panic Station, Weapon Detection, BlueFly, Flood sensors, or any analog or API input. Responses include: Door lockdown (door groups), live camera stream, autonomous phone, text and email notification, PA system announcements, messaging, mass notification integration, and much more. EAGL uses an open API system that has several analog inputs to deploy any kind of alert, countermeasure or activation autonomously and within seconds of a threat.

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