FireFly® & DragonFly™

The wireless FireFly® Indoor and DragonFly™ Outdoor Energy Sensors provide cutting edge waveform analysis processes to differentiate gunshots from other sounds such as thunder and sirens. FireFly® and DragonFly™ are also the only Indoor and Outdoor Energy Sensors that can be used both wireless & simultaneously on the same system! 

FireFly® Features

  • Gunshot Detection Technology developed by the Department of Energy

  • Algorithms analyzes Energy and Waveform to eliminate false alarms

  • Wireless Range over 400ft

  • Indoor Ballistic Detection Range over 100ft

  • 433 MHz wireless frequency

  • 7 year battery life

  • Requires only one node per coverage area

DragonFly™ Features

  • Operates on the Industrial IoT LTE platform 

  • No infrastructure required. Can mount almost anywhere

  • Uses advanced algorithms to eliminate false alarms

  • Can operate on our 433MHz wireless band with 2 miles RF range

  • Very large detection area

  • 7 year battery life

  • Weatherproof IP66