Gunshot Detection and Active Shooter Countermeasure Technology

A cost-effective Solution to counter a real-world Reality!

The K-12 school shooting database Documents each and every instance a gun is brandished, is fired, or a bullet hits school property for any reason, regardless of the number of victims, time of day, or day of week.  Press on this Link K-12 database.


EAGL Technology LLC

 2019 EAGL Technology LLC provides Emergency Automatic Gunshot Lockdown {EAGL} and City Web.

State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) •  Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) •  Non-Profit Security Grant Program (NSGP) • Tribal Security Grant Program • Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP)

When applying, use Authorized Equipment List (AEL) code:

07ZZ-00-NCBR-Equipment, Specialized Hazard Detection, non-CBRNE Equipment not included elsewhere in Section 7 that is intended for all-hazards detection missions, and that is limited to (or focuses primarily on) non-CBRNE related events.

EAGL Technology Affiliations:

National Safe Skies Alliance

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ASTORS Finalists Announcement Edition

The 2018 AST Homeland Security Program Astors Award Winner have been announced ! EAGL Technology received the Platinum Award representing the “Best Gunshot Detection Solution’!

ASTORS Finalists Announcement Edition

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EAGL System Integrator Certification Training

Class June 18 – 20, 2019 CLOSED


Average duration of active shooter event

12 Minutes

Average time before the first 911 call is made

5 Minutes

Average law enforcement response time to incident scene

5 – 10 Minutes

Lock down defined areas and notify law enforcement with the EAGL Gunshot Detection & Lockdown System in less than Twenty Seconds.

The EAGL System provides rapid Access Control and Notification features when an active shooter event occurs. These automatic and autonomous features can be integrated with existing systems providing a cost-effective Solution to protect lives, dramatically reduce law enforcement incident response time and positively influence incident outcomes by providing law enforcement with live stream video of shooter location and ballistic data.  Results:  Increasing citizen & first responder survivability while decreasing risk!

Our Products

Both the EAGL and the CityWeb Systems use patented FireFly® and DragonFly™ Energy Sensor technology offering the most effective indoor/outdoor Gunshot Detection and Ballistic Identification equipment. The FireFly® and DragonFly™ Energy Sensor technology, originally pioneered by The Department of Energy laboratory and perfected by EAGL Technology, produces zero false alarms!

EAGL Gunshot Detection & Lockdown System 

Industries We Serve


Energy, Manufacturing, Mining, Telecommunications, Water/Sewage, Agriculture, Financial Services & Transportation.

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Schools (Pre-K to 12) & Institutions of Higher Education (IHE).

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Hospitals, Healthcare Campuses, Assisted Living Facilities, Clinics & Hospices.

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Law Enforcement, Fire Services & Emergency Medical Services.

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Temples, Churches, Synagogues & Mosques.

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Sports Complexes, Theaters& Amphitheaters, Zoos, Amusement Parks, Casinos, Music Halls, Hospitality (Lodging & Theme Parks).

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Military & Other Government Properties (Local, State & Federal includes associated Public Open Space.

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Business (Open and Closed to Pedestrian Traffic), Malls, Open Space Public Areas.

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